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ISBN: 9781733680714 Géneros: Sinópsis: chronicles journey through love and heartbreaks and how he handles these different episodes It also paints beautiful memories of true love and shares hope with enduring in love There is seldom anything more powerful or potent than Love Its influence and authority is greater than hate and better than mere passion It can heal the gravest wounds and light the darkest moments Love has vision and clarity and a purpose all of its own that never holds a person back and never casts a jealous eye It is as pure as the first breath we take and as limitless as our imaginations In this book of vivid poetry Love is examined in all its finery and brings forth its emotion through verses like the powerful Wonder Woman the enigmatic Angel Eyes and the lost hope in Cold It is a book that can be picked up and read in moments when you are lost or wondering how to go on when you have a spare ten minutes on a commute to work or an hour at lunchtime Whatever time you have it will be well worth spent and the words will last as long in the memory as they will on the page
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