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ISBN: 9789388874816 Géneros: Sinópsis: ‘The pull of a Kalpish Ratna novel is undeniable even hypnotic’The TelegraphWhat is the chill interface between violence and pseudoscienceWhat is the secret ingredient of the elixir of youth being doled out by a hakim at Leopold CafeWho was the Bombay Ripper the notorious serial killer from the late1800sHow does a fifteenyearold widow’s sati attempt result in the birth of an icon of the Hindu RashtraHow much of love is real and how much hallucination when the object of one’s affection is a spectreIn this thrilling mix of medical history and speculative fiction the intrepid microbiologist Ratan Oak jumps between the nineteenth and twentyfirst centuries outwitting vedic scientists brahminical eugenicists lusty serialkillers and ghostly seductresses
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