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ISBN: 9781641380904 Géneros: Sinópsis: James mark Sullivan was part of the postfamine Irish immigration to the United States in the late 19th century Overcoming family misfortune he moved from newsboy to journalist to Yaleeducated lawyer Relocating to New York City his association with Tammany Hall involved him in the Crime of the Century BeckerRosenthal murder case a role not previously explored Sullivans involvement won him a patronage appointment as ambassador to Santo Domingo Scandals about graft and corruption forced his resignation However another factor which contributed to his dismissal unexplained until now was his effort at subversion of his governments policy of neutrality which was connected to his ties to Irish nationalism He later established the first indigenous Irish film company with a pronounced Nationalist agenda making several films which are now classics of the silent film era Following the death of his wife and son during the influenza epidemic of 1918 he returned to the United States Failing to revive his legal career he removed to Florida dying in relative obscurity
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