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Be sure to read the first two books of this series. They’,re bundled into the Tarnished Legacy paperback.&nbsp, &nbsp,Germany, 1940Magic runs strong in Ilona, a gypsy seer. Powerful ability isn&rsquo,t valued in Romani women, so she focuses her fortunetelling on inconsequential details. Nothing that could come back to haunt her if a prediction went bad. Rounded up and dumped into Dachau prison camp, she has plenty of time to rue her decision to downplay her ability. If she&rsquo,d scried her own future, she&rsquo,d still be free.A wolf shifter, Jamal defied convention and wed a gypsy centuries ago. His arrogance caused both death and heartache, and he&rsquo,s been alone ever since. When vampires joined forced with the Third Reich, it forced shifters and Romani to lay their ancient enmity aside, but their d&eacute,tente is fragile.Jamal stumbles across Ilona&rsquo,s hiding place after her escape from Dachau. Her courage and mettle touch places in him he&rsquo,d thought were dead, but she&rsquo,s Romani. The last thing he needs is to fall for another gypsy woman. He wrestles his tumbling emotions into submission, but his resolve to remain aloof doesn&rsquo,t last long.&nbsp,_,
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