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&lsquo,…all I wanted was a good night&rsquo,s sleep.&rsquo,Rob&rsquo,s journey began the day he walked into a medical centre and walked out with a prescription for Ativan, one of the world&rsquo,s most commonly-prescribed drugs. The highly-addictive benzodiazepine drug would change his life forever. It would lead this &lsquo,accidental addict&rsquo, to a 13-year chemical dependency and a life eroded by its soul-sapping effects.This real-life account details the effects the drug had on his daily life, then plunges you into the merciless abyss of detox, tapering withdrawal and borderline madness that followed when Rob finally decided to free himself from the chemical clutches of &lsquo,the Benzo Devil&rsquo,.However, this book is definitely not a &lsquo,misery memoir&rsquo, with only horror and no solutions. Rob&rsquo,s story and the hard-won wisdom he shares is a light for millions of others accidentally caught up in the grip of benzodiazepine drugs like Ativan, Valium, Klonopin and Xanax. The book also provides a comprehensive plan to follow during your self-detox, tapering withdrawal and the eventual freedom to live a full and happy life.Rob sleeps well these days. His journey into hell and back eventually led to him being benzo-free and a self-made millionaire &mdash, proof that a great life after addiction can be achieved if you will only take that first step._,
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