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Sinopsis de THE DREAM
ISBN: 9781644924594 Géneros: Sinópsis: When Seth Siracke39s sleep is haunted by a recurring dream for a year he falls into a pit of despair His girlfriend Katy refuses to talk to him about the dream and grows increasingly frustrated with his lack of interest in nearly anything else Desperate to make the dream stop he reluctantly begins an investigative journey to uncover the cause As life39s difficulties pile on an unlikely friendship with an elderly gentleman brings Seth face to face with the devastation of abortion and the revelation of a loving GodThough fiction this book embraces the difficult topic of abortion in a way that mirrors real life Through a story line with many captivating twists and turns The Dream explores abortion from a biblical perspective and reveals its heartbreaking impact on the father mother grandparent and unborn baby In the midst of it all our loving heavenly Father39s desire for a genuine relationship with each one of us is tenderly demonstrated
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