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ISBN: 9781949891485 Géneros: Sinópsis: Jason is not a child anymoreHe hasn’t been a child since the King betrayed his family killing his mother and all his friends in a terrible surprise attack against his homeHe is not a child anymore but everyone still treats him like he is His father his uncle his sister And especially Nanny Grace Jason knows he can help But he’s stuck washing dishes tucked away and protected as the heir to the Falconbone family All he can do is dream of the day when he finishes his ship The King’s Regret and flies it to the capital to avenge his familyWhen Father flies away to search for allies a saboteur wrecks havoc on their refuge Jason is determined to find the traitor to prove that he can be useful The last thing he expects is to find his family’s oldest enemy lurking in the shadows of their mountain hideawayAnd for that man to be his only hope for bringing his Father home aliveAuthor Philip Ligon returns to the Steampunk genre with his Young Adult debut Readers young and old alike will love his imaginative world full of pirates adventure and fantastical airshipsEscape to the steampunk skies of The King’s Regret today Buy it or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited
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