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ISBN: 9781949529074 Géneros: Sinópsis: Being in charge is a pain in the…Posterior Rear end Junk in the trunk Those were some of the words that came to mind when the captivating woman walked into Red’s office that day She had a spectacular eminently spankable one Trouble was his huge conglomerate had just bought out her dinky publisherand this sexy little author was the key to a smooth transitionFor all intents and purposes Piper was his new star employeeso Red should not have cleared his schedule to take her dinner He shouldn’t have flirted like it was his freaking birthday and he sure as hell shouldn’t have gone and fallen for her One more thing he shouldn’t have done Omit the fact that his company owed her a lot of moneyWhen his dirty little secret gets out more than Red’s new business acquisition is on the linehis jaded heart is hanging in the balance too Unfortunately his golden way with a merger might not be enough to save him nowCan Red convince Piper that her tentative trust in him wasn’t misplaced Or will their new relationship go the way of her missing royaltiesThere’s only one way to find outStep into his office and let Padraig Red MacLellan show you why he’s the boss
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