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A small group of Shifters sails south from Ushuaia, determined to assess what&rsquo,s left of the world. A Vampire attack, a possessed priest, and a gateway to Hell mean fallout from the spell gone bad that pinned them in Ushuaia for years is far from gone.Back on a ship again, Juan reconstructs what&rsquo,s always been a comfort zone. The sea is the only life he&rsquo,s ever known&mdash,if you don&rsquo,t count the ten years he spent as a Vampire. His new magic, fueled by a bond with a mountain cat, brings its own set of challenges, but they pale in comparison with the white-hot need knifing through him whenever Aura is anywhere close.A historian by trade, Aura deals in prophecies for her Shifter pack. Attraction for Juan ignited when they fought the Cataclysm, but she figures he left a string of broken hearts during his years as chief navigator on cruise ships. They have to work together. A self-indulgent affair could ruin everything. She does her damnedest to keep distance between them, but the ship&rsquo,s not big enough to escape yearning for a future together._,
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