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In a world flashing past windows and whirring at the speed of light let us pause and take a few minutes to muse about life and how beautiful the world really is There is green in the leaves that is so fresh it cleanses the eyes There is blue in the sky so deep we can swim in it There is gold in the sunlight so bright it can light up our homes And there is silver in the moon so mesmerizing it makes us rich with love just by looking at it This book is a celebration of all things beautiful The crests and troughs in the human waves of emotion It speaks of you it speaks of us It speaks of the moon and stars lands and seas and everything in between It is our interpretation of soul searching and worldly yearnings an amalgamation of art and poetry A journey of visual and literary exploration which we wish to embark upon with you Let us sail in the seas of calm against the tides of disarray Let us breathe and satiate our souls with the fire that is sparked with alluring artistic strokes and seek solace in gentle words of poetry
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