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Sinopsis de WAY OF ZING
Have you ever known anyone who had difficulty finding their Way in work and in life?&nbsp, Imagine waking up everyday feeling inspired, passionate, and full of vitality, looking forward to the adventures the day will bring.&nbsp, Imagine living a life where you’,re doing exactly what you’,re meant to do, pursuing all the things that truly matter in your work and in your life.&nbsp, Are you living this life? There is a Way . . .&nbsp, Way of Zing&nbsp, Zing is the radiant energy of human vitality. It is the energy of stars aligning, when everything in your life feels in unquestionable congruence.&nbsp, The Way of Zing inspires and empowers you to successfully navigate your work and life, pursuing your unique passions and purposes in ways that ignite work/life energy and vitality. Through the application of some simple yet profound practices, you can walk a Fourfold Path of awareness, alignment, action and actualization. An energy path leading you to a life of prosperity, discovery, connection and meaning, the quadruple bottom line of human vitality.&nbsp, You will matter, living a life of relevance and purpose, making a special contribution to the world.&nbsp, At the end of the day, you will be energized, fulfilled, accomplished.&nbsp, Traveling the Way of Zing._,
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